About Cinnie Judd

God has been speaking prophetically to Cynthia “Cinnie” Judd since she was 12 years old — although she never understood why until many years later, when the Lord began to unveil to her her purpose and calling in life.

She began working professionally as a writer in her 20s, but it wasn’t until her early 40s, in 1994, that the Holy Spirit began to impress urgently upon her heart that it was time to tell her story as He Himself had written it into her life.  It was time for her to share publicly her experiences hearing prophetically from Him since childhood — culminating in the two prophetic dreams He sent her in 1981 concerning the Second Coming of Christ.

Suddenly, it all made sense to Cinnie.

All those decades of having God show her the future through her dreams.  All those years of wondering why.  Now suddenly it was crystal clear.  The Lord had purposed — divinely ordained — for Cinnie to have a long history of receiving dreams and visions from Him that came true so that, many years later, when God called her forth publicly to share her urgent message: “PREPARE YOUR HEARTS NOW! JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON!” her listeners would not take the message lightly, but would give her urgent plea sober consideration.

After writing and presenting her story to the public, first in the form of a one-woman play entitled No Green Bananas, the Lord then directed Cinnie to adapt the play into a book for wider distribution, which she did, going on to offer a free download of the book online beginning in March 2009, where it is still available today.

In the years since No Green Bananas has circulated the internet, Cinnie has heard from readers all over the world telling of the enormous impact the book has had on their souls.  Many have testified that it has changed their life, and brought them to a place of urgent reassessment of their relationship with the Lord — exactly what the Lord purposed.  Praise His Holy Name!

Next, in the early 2000s the Lord began sending Cinnie a series of alarming dreams and visions concerning the future of the U.S. as well as the world. The devastating scenes she saw shook her to the core and kept her up many nights as she prayed and wept before the Lord. After years of private, prayerful meditation upon the visions God had given her, the Lord then directed Cinnie to write down all that He had shown her.

This resulted in three works:

“An Open Letter to America,” which she first published online in the summer of 2010, immediately followed by a video version of the letter which she uploaded to her YouTube Channel, Mark13vs37.  Cinnie titled the video version Last Call, America, PART 1. Then, in January of 2013, after the “2012 prophecy” given in those first two works came true, she published a follow-up video, Last Call, America PART 2, outlining the details of the prophecy’s fulfillment.

Today Cinnie is busy fulfilling her latest assignment from the Lord– publishing Heaven’s Headlines, the name God Himself christened the work when He instructed her the morning of June 19, 2015, “Publish My news…and call the news ‘Heaven’s Headlines.’

Cinnie’s passion is to see every single soul not just brought to saving faith in Christ…but beyond that into a place of enjoying God.  Seeing Him for the Beautiful Person He is. The Best Friend they could ever have. Whose Fellowship is simply so Delicious…so Satisfying…and so Incomparable to their souls, they can’t help but cry out with the psalmist:

 “In His Presence is FULNESS of joy!” ~ Psalm 16:11b

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