About No Green Bananas

“Does God speak through dreams?”

Don’t answer now. First read No Green Bananas. Then get ready. For if your heart is truly open, the extraordinary message in this book is going to change your life. Ever since author Cynthia “Cinnie” Judd was 12, God has spoken to her prophetically through her dreams, often showing her the future. Now, says Judd, God has given her two prophecies and an urgent assignment: Her job is to tell you, and anyone else who will listen, just exactly what God has shown her, through two prophetic dreams – about the Second Coming of Christ. It’s all right here in the pages of No Green Bananas.

In Part One, Judd first gives her readers concrete evidence that God does indeed speak to her through her dreams. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll find inspiration on every page, as you hear six true-life accounts, each demonstrating how God has consistently communicated with Judd through her dreams since her childhood to send guidance, give instructions, and warn of coming events.

Then enter Part Two, where you’ll be riveted to every word as Judd unveils the dreams God sent her in 1981 concerning the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

You’ll learn the significance of:

  • The countdown clock to the return of Jesus.
  • The shocking number on Judd’s “time card.”
  • Why February 18, 1993 is a sign that the Lord’s return is right at hand.

“Jesus said no one knows the exact day or hour of His return, “Judd is always careful to emphasize. “But based on my past dreams, if I were you, I wouldn’t be buying any green bananas!”

The clock is ticking.  You need to hear the message in this book now.


“Inspirational!”   Roger Y.

“It’s serious and hilarious at the same time.”  R.J.N.

“Mind blowing…I am speechless.”  Omari J.

“You will help change many hearts.”  Doug M.

“Awesome.”  Marilyn W.

“Your sense of humor made a serious topic a delight.”  Austin R.

“God is using you to help people get off the fence.”  Jim H.

“The most sobering, most valid evidence of Joel 2:28 dreams/visions I have ever come across.  Life changing!”  Jacob C.


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