Heaven Knows

Some years ago I was in mental and emotional anguish.  Someone I had loved and trusted, someone I had even gone out of my way repeatedly to bless and honor publicly — my own pastor —  betrayed me.  First he refused to meet with me when I sought his counsel.  Then he refused to return phone calls when my husband Steve reached out to … More Heaven Knows


The Lord told me He wanted me to write this headline:  PEACE IS POSSIBLE And then He said: When wars and rumors of wars abound in the world, and even Christians panic and fear seizes their hearts, and they excuse themselves, thinking fear is “normal” considering the state of the world, I am here to … More PEACE IS POSSIBLE

Sacred Silence

I’m alone at home now.  Everyone is out.  And I’m totally “unplugged.” No television. No radio. No phone.  Just me and the Lord…a warm swath of late afternoon sun shining on my bed…and this silence. This glorious, healing pool of silence I’m floating in. This is heaven. Heaven is sitting in the Presence of the Lord, … More Sacred Silence