The Anniversary Card

Two years ago, several weeks before my 22nd wedding anniversary, I got an idea for something different.  Like…real different.  Like…so different a few might even call me a complete kook. That’s OK.  I specialize in kook.  Wear it like a badge, baby.  Oh yeah. So with my certified Kook Badge pinned securely to my chest … More The Anniversary Card

A Word to the Weary

Last year while fellowshipping with the Lord, suddenly I had a vision.  I recorded it at the time, and just came across it again last night. Today the Lord has instructed me to share this word to the weary.  May it bless all who read it. Excerpt from my journal entry of August 11, 2016: … More A Word to the Weary

A Pig Tale

CONFESSION: When I first got married, I was totally and completely and utterly 100% terminally PIG-HEADED.   Think I’m exaggerating?  Ha!  Think again. <—- Here’s my Wedding Day Selfie. Yup.  That’s me there, folks.  Posing for the camera — in all my swine glory — the very day Steve Judd said to me “I do”  when … More A Pig Tale